Nickel Chloride


Special and quality requirements for nickel dichloride hexahydrate ,nickel chloride solution are available upon request: nickel chloride is normally available in various concentrations.





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Nickel Chloride

Distributor of nickel chloride


Nickel anhydrous chloride boils at 600° and on contact with the air absorbs water and forms stable hydrated derivatives; the hexahydrate derivative has the appearance of a green crystalline powder. Nickel chloride is soluble in water, while not so soluble in alcohol and organic solvents; it is an important element for galvanic baths and in the form of anhydrous, nickel chloride is used in anti-gas masks as an ammonia absorbent. It is interesting to note that the compound in question and, more generally, all inorganic nickel salts may cause irritation by prolonged contract with the skin.


Hexahydrate derivative has the appearance of a green crystalline powder.


Nickel chloride is soluble in water, less soluble in alcohols and organic solvents.


Nickel chloride is a fundamental element of many galvanic baths; it is also used for constructing anti-gas makes.


Accidental swallowing of nickel chloride may cause acute intoxication with nausea, vomiting and dysentery. Excessive exposure to aerosols of nickel chloride may cause irritation to eyes and respirat


Request safety data sheet (SDS) and refer to points 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15.


Technical specifications are provided on request according to the application: nickel chloride is stored in original packing and under conditions mentioned on the safety data sheet (SDS).


Nickel dichloride hexahydrate ,Nickel chloride solution