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Antimony is found in the mineral stibnite and has a bluish white colour. Antimony has many uses: as an anti-emetic in the pharmaceutical industry, in the textile industry, in the production of enamels and paints, in the explosive and military industry. The metal has a low toxic level, while Antimony vapours, if inhaled, are very noxious. Todini and Co s.p.a. specialises in the distribution of copper salts for galvanic technology and electronics.


Antimony trioxide is widely used as a flame retardant for rubber and plastic materials. In its pure state it is used in pharmaceutical products. In the chemical industry antimony trioxide is used as an intermediate for the preparation of metallic antimony; in the glass industry it is used to de-colourise glass, in the ceramic industry and in galvanic technology.


Used as an additive in the glass-production, catalyst, fire-retardants and as a Antimony source for other antimony compounds.

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