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Cobalt is a metal widely found in nature with a concentration of 0.0023% in the earth's crust. Minerals have a very low cobalt content and cobalt is always associated to other metals. Cobalt is a metal used in the metallurgy, ceramic, chemical, batteries and animal husbandry industries. Todini, the No. 1 distributor in Europe of chemical products with a Cobalt base, has been offering its clientele (covering all the application sectors) a complete range of cobalt metals and salts for over ten years.


Cobalt acetate tetrahydrate is used in the preparation of paints and in the electronic industry for anodizing and as catalyst.


Cobalt carbonate is used as a microelement in the zootechnical Industry, as raw material in the production of pigments and as catalysts.


Cobalt chloride hexahydrate is a raw material for catalysts and for production of pigments for ceramics. It is also used for the metal surface treatment industry.


Cobaltous hydroxide is used in battieries, catalysts, metallic soaps, paint driers, pigments.


Cobalt nitrate is used in metal surface treatment, ceramics and as catalyst.


Cobalt oxide is mainly used as a pigment for colouring glass and frits. Sometimes also used as catalyst or as a source for metallic cobalt.


In its powder state, cobalt is used to produce hard synthesized metals and magnets.


The cobalt sulphate is used as a raw material for catalysts and as raw material in the chemical industry. Cobalt sulfate is widely used in electroplating industry and it is also used in the production of ceramic pigments.


The cobalt sulphate feed grade is used as a micro element for the zootechnical Industry

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