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Tin is difficult to find in the native state and has a concentration of 0,0003% in the earth's crust. It is a white metal with shiny reflections and is very malleable. This malleability increases when the metal is heated at 100°, and drops abruptly at 200°. Tin is used in the food and chemical industry because of its excellent deformability properties and its high resistance to atmospheric agents. Tin is used in the composition of many alloys, especially with copper to form bronze. Todini has been distributing Tin salts and oxides since 2000.


The main industrial application of Tin dichloride dihydrate is in catalysts, metal surface treatment and as mordant for textile dyeing. Tin chloride is used in laboratory chemicals, inks and toners and also textile treatment products and dyes. Tin dichloride dihydrate is also employed as a reducing agent in the production of pigments, pharmaceuticals, sensitized paper, lubricating oil additives, organic and inorganic chemicals. Dichlorotin is also used in tinning (by means of galvanic method) and in sensitizing of glass, plastics, and other non-conductive surfaces. Tin dichloride dihydrate is used by many companies as a soldering flux, as a chemical reagent, as an organic catalyst and - in some cases - as food additive. Tin dichloride dihydrate is also used as a reducing agent to produce polymers and phosphors and also to stabilize perfumes in soaps.


Tin chloride solution is used mainly as a catalyst and a reducing agent but also in cement industry, electroplating and galvanizing. Tin chloride solution is also employed by textile, pharmaceuticals and food manufacturers.


Potassium stannate is used in the production of tin based chemicals for the stabilization of the peroxides and in the tin surface treatment.


The sodium stannate is used for the production of tin based compunds and for the stabilization of peroxides. Sodium stannate is also used for tin surface treatment.


used in a vast number of sectors as an intermediate for tin salts, reduction agent for pharma applications, raw material for acid Tin plating, production of Mirrors,....


Tin methanesulfonate is an aqueous solution used in the metal surface treatment. Mainly as a replacement for Tin Sulphate where high speed deposits are needed (reel-to-reel)


Stannous oxide is used for metal surface treatment; it is a raw material for production of pigments. The dominant use of stannous oxide is as a precursor in manufacturing of other, typically divalent, tin compounds or salts. Stannous oxide may also be employed as a reducing agent and in the creation of ruby glass. It has a minor use as an esterification catalyst.


Tin oxide is used as pigment in the ceramic industry.


Tin sulfate is used as a raw material for aluminum anodizing and metal surface treatment industry . Tin sulfate is also used as a raw material for the production of Tin based chemicals.

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