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Molybdenum is naturally found in the earth's crust and is not a free element. Molybdenum has many colours; as a compact mass it is a silvery white metal, while in powder form, it has a dull grey colour. Industrially, Molybdenum is used in the production of anodes and electronic tube supports. It also finds use as a catalyst in the oil industry for removing sulphurs, nitrogen and noxious metals.



Ammonium molybdate is used in various sectors: to decorate ceramics, in chemical analysis to find the presence of phosphates, arsenics, lead. In the chemical industry as a source of molybdenum ions. Ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate is also used as catalyst in the preparation of dehydrogenation and desulphurisation; in the fixing of metals and in electroplating.


Pure molybdenum disulphide is used as additive for lubricants.


Molybdenum trioxide is used as a catalyst for desulphurisation reactions and as raw material for production of pigments in the ceramic industry and for the production of frits


Sodium molybdate is used as a Oligo- element for the agricultural industry, as raw material for the metal surface treatment industry and for the pigments production.

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