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Vanadium is widely dispersed in nature and its concentration in the earth's crust is equal to 0,016%; it assumes different colours depending on the level of oxidization. The applications of vanadium have still not been completely explored; most of the metal produced is transformed into Vanadium ferroalloy, which is used for manufacturing Vanadium steels. Some compounds like ammonium metavanadate and vanadium pentoxide are used as oxidation catalysts. Todini offers this range of products for the ceramic sector and as catalysts.


Ammonium vanadate is used for preparation of catalysts for organic and inorganic synthesis; for the production of colours and paints as drying agents for paintings and inks.


Sodium metavanadate is used in the ceramic and pharmaceutical industry. The sodium metavanadate enters into the fertilizers formulation and it is used in the surface metal treatment. Sodium metavanadate is also used in the oil and gas,glass and pigments industries.


Vanadium pentoxide is used as a catalyst for the production of sulphuric and adipic acid. Vanadium pentoxide is used a raw material for the production of ceramic pigments and frits and for coloration/decoloration of glass.


Vanadium trichloride is used as a precursor for the synthesis of other compounds based on vanadium.


Vanadium trioxide is used for the production of vanadium chloride and, more in general, it is an intermediate product for the synthesis of various compounds based on vanadium.


Potassium metavanadate is used as raw material for catalysts, as well as raw material for agriculture and pigments.

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