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Lithium is not found in a free elemental state and its compounds are widely dispersed in the earth's crust, although in low concentrations. Its total concentration is around 0,003% In its pure form, lithium is a silver white metal and is generally more stable at room temperature in respect to other alkali metals. Lithium can be used in many applications: in iron metallurgy it reduces the viscosity of stainless steel, in the pharmaceutical industry it is used in the synthesis of Vitamin A, in the form of salts and oxides it is used in various industrial sectors.


Lithium acetate is used as a catalyst for organic reactions.


Lithium fluoride is used as fluxes for welding and soldering techniques. it is also used as fluxing agent for the glass , ceramics and enamel industries. It is a raw material for optical lenses and prisms.


Lithium hydroxide is used for production of lithium salts; as a catalyst in esterification reactions and for the preparation of alkaline batteries.


Lithium is used in the nuclear field, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the glass and ceramics industry.

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