Multi-brand distributor and agent of chemical products

Todini is European leader in the distribution of salts and oxides of non-ferrous metals such as Nickel, Selenium, Cobalt, Iodine, Bismuth, Copper, Tin, Molybdenum, Vanadium and Tellurium.

Specialists in nonferrous metal salts and oxides

Todini continuously strives to improve its processes, and guarantee the quality and reliability of the products supplied. To satisfy the most important sectors of our market, over the years we have built a specific range of chemical products.

10 chemical products distributed

Cobalt is a metal employed in the metallurgy, ceramic, chemical, battery and animal husbandry industries.

21 chemical products distributed

Nickel is used in the petroleum and chemical industry, in electronic engineering and in chemical laboratories.

11 chemical products distributed

Iodine is employed to treat thyroid disorders or in ointments as an anti-septic and parasiticide.

7 chemical products distributed

Selenium is used in the electronic and ceramic industries and also in animal husbandry, glass and galvanic technology.

9 chemical products distributed

Tin is used in the composition of many alloys, especially with copper to form bronze.

6 chemical products distributed

Lithium (in the form of salts and oxides) is used in iron metallurgy and in the pharmaceutical field.

6 chemical products distributed

Vanadium is utilized for manufacturing vanadium steels. Some compounds are also used as oxidation catalysts.

5 chemical products distributed

Molybdenum is used in the production of anodes and electronic tube supports.

11 chemical products distributed

Copper is put to use in the electrical industry, in the chemical field and in agriculture.

2 chemical products distributed

Antimony is employed in the pharmaceutical industry, in the textile industry and in the military field.

1 chemical products distributed

Chromium is used in the oil industry as a catalyst, in electrical engineering and in the prevention of corrosion.

Other Chemicals
65 chemical products distributed

Salts and oxides of other minor metals and some organic products are also available, such as: sulfosalicylic acid, butylated hydroxytoluene, bismuth oxide, cadmium carbonate, etc.

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