Cadmium oxide


Special and quality requirements for oxide of cadmium, cadmium(ii) oxide, cadmium monoxide, cadmiumfume. are available upon request: cadmium oxide is normally available in various concentrations.



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Cadmium oxide

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Cadmium oxide is an inorganic compound with the formula CdO. It is one of the main precursors to other cadmium compounds. It crystallizes in a cubic rocksalt lattice like sodium chloride, with octahedral cation and anion centers. It occurs naturally as the rare mineral monteponite. Cadmium oxide is an n-type semiconductor with a band gap of 2.16 eV at room temperature.


Cadmium oxide is a powder that varies from yellow to a reddish-yellow to a brownish-yellow colour.


Cadmium oxide is insoluble in water, and in alkali solution, but it is soluble in diluted acids.


Cadmium oxide is mainly used in the ceramic industry as a pigment or as a catalyst in the dehydrogenation reactions of alcohol. Cadmium oxide is used as an additive in electrolytic baths.


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Technical specifications are provided on request according to the application: cadmium oxide is stored in original packing and under conditions mentioned on the safety data sheet (SDS).


Oxide of cadmium, cadmium(II) oxide, cadmium monoxide, cadmiumfume.