silver nitrate


Special and quality requirements for silver nitrate concentrate, silver ion nitrooxidane are available upon request: silver nitrate is normally available in various concentrations.





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silver nitrate

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Silver nitrate is a mono-constituent substance can be prepared by the reaction of silver with nitric acid, resulting in silver nitrate, water, and oxides of nitrogen.


White and odorless solid.


The value of solubility in water is 2160 g/l


The product is used as a chemical intermediate, as a catalyst, as a disinfectant and as a laboratory reagent. Silver Nitrate is used in photography and in the manufacturing of mirrors, inks, toner and also in pharmaceuticals. It’s possible to use silver nitrate to cauterize wounds, dye hair and color porcelain. Silver nitrate is widely used in coating products and in heat transfer fluids. Silver nitrate is used in laboratory chemicals, in metal working fluids, in paper chemicals and dyes, an also in perfumes and fragrances. It is even possible to use silver nitrate in polishes and waxes, in water softeners, during the water treatment chemicals and also in welding & soldering products. Silver nitrate is used in the manifacturing of mineral products, for example cement, in manufacturer of textile, electrical, electronic, optical equipment, paper and paper products.


Ask for safety data sheet (SDS).


Request safety data sheet (SDS) and refer to points 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15.


Technical specifications are provided on request according to the application: silver nitrate is stored in original packing and under conditions mentioned on the safety data sheet (SDS).


Silver nitrate concentrate, silver ion nitrooxidane